Making a beauty routine truly fun!

I don’t know about you, but before getting into K-beauty I always thought taking care of my skin was a drag. In my twenties I frequently fell asleep in a full face of makeup (The horror!) and my skin never SEEMED to suffer, as it was made of powdered unicorn horns at the time. Ah, youth…

You see, I’m a profoundly lazy human being. So my idea of a perfect nighttime skincare solution a few years ago was those makeup wipes that you can buy in drugstores. I would wipe off all the makeup, throw it on my bedside table and snooze away, never realizing that was face was still REALLY DIRTY. I suffered on and off with hormonal acne from 28 – 36, never once stopping to think “Hey, maybe if I took better care of my skin this issue would stop.”

Now, I look forward to putting my headband on and doing my routine, because every part of it feels good, smells wonderful, and makes me feel pampered. To me having fun is an integral part of a skincare routine, even if you’re not into the 10-step Korean beauty thing. You can still wash your face with care and love!

So here’s how I learned to make mine fun: I figured out the parts I most enjoy and devoted extra time and attention to those. Since I’m a product addict, I get excited the minute I look at skin care bottles, but maybe most of you don’t have that experience and want to get it over with so you can get to bed. So here are the parts that make mine so worth looking forward to.

1. Having a fun headband.

Why not make it a ritual? I love all things cats, so I got a cat headband. Every time I put it on I immediately start smiling because I look goofy and happy, and that’s what I most want – to be smiling when I begin.

2. Massaging my face.

Your face is full of muscles, just like the rest of you, but it rarely gets a massage. You hold stress everywhere from your jaw to the back of your head! The first step of the double cleanse (oil) is such a perfect time to give your face a massage with an oil you enjoy the feel and smell of. I favor DHC cleansing oil (fragrance free) or Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil (slight fragrance) to do mine. I massage for about a minute, perhaps more if it’s been a hard day.

3. Treating myself gently.

So one of the foundations of beauty routines from just about anywhere is to be gentle with the skin. Don’t pull. Pat the skin dry. Massage. Pat, don’t rub, your product in. These are just instructions, right? They seemed to me too — until I realized they’re like a little exercise in being kind to oneself. The focus is on taking good care of your precious skin, and you have a few moments to treat yourself like a goddess. I am TOTALLY into that life.

4. Using products that excite you.

One of the reasons I kept going back to cleansing wipes for so many years was that they smelled so good. In fact, I still use them to remove eye makeup before I begin my routine! I favor Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes because they smell so yummy. But there are a lot of other things in my routine that feel and smell so nice that I look forward to putting them on my face every day.

Son & Park’s Beauty Water, a popular new multitasking product, is not only handy as a light exfoliator and a toner, but also smells like pure heaven (it’s made with lavender water, rose flower water, and orange fruit extract). It’s worth the search to discover those products — and believe me, Asian beauty companies LOVE to give you samples, so you can try them all before you buy a full sized one. TesterKorea is also a great site to discover for sample size products.


I bought ONE BB cream and got seven samples with it, including a full sample jar of cream. It’s like Christmas…

What about your routine makes you happy? If you can’t think of anything, it’s time to change that — and make your skincare something that’s worth getting excited for. Soon enough, people will be asking about how you got such beautiful skin!

Product checklist:

DHC Cleansing Oil/$24.95 @Amazon
Real Art Cleansing Oil/$12.76 @ Amazon
Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes/$6.98 @Amazon
Son & Park Beauty Water/$30 @ Sokoglam


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