The Beauty Report 11/25: Son & Park lips, Pony Makeup and lolworthy masks

HI all! I’ve been absent for a few days, but I’m still watching the beauty trends from my corner of the world, collecting goodies to share with you. Here’s a few noteworthy things I saw this week for those of you that are falling in love with this whole K-beauty thing. Damn you Hallyu Wave, I had a savings account before I met you…

  1. Pony’s Clear Rose Color Makeup tutorial

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pony, she’s a Korean beauty blogger who does high quality tutorials that are easy to follow. She also has a really fabulous Instagram. I coveted this look immediately (so pretty!) when I saw it, and you can bet I’ll be giving it a spin over Thanksgiving weekend.

2. The one-paragraph review: Son & Park Air Tint Lip Cube 


I’ve been doing softer glosses for a while now with my makeup, but since I’ve been super young I have always loved a perfectly painted bold lip. It seemed like an ideal time to try one when I discovered the Son & Park Air Tint Lip Cube, and I just ordered one in Mexican Rose (the color above) from Sokoglam last week. My pros: Gorgeous shade, high pigment, great for staining, compact and attractive packaging, stackable with others in the same collection (this last one is really neat). Cons: Feels dry a few mins after applying — but this can be easily remedied with a gloss on top. I also have the driest lips on the planet so take that with a grain of salt.

Should you try it? YES!

3. Bad English translations on masks = LOLTOWN


Spotted in my local Hmart, I almost bought this gem but then decided a photo would suffice. I totally get what they were going for, but their verbiage could use some … massaging.

Tell me about your adventures in k-beauty this week!

Product checklist:

-Son & Park Air Tint Lip Cube/$12@Sokoglam


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