RAVE: Banila Co’s Clean It Zero, or why I want to marry a cleanser

Hi y’all — sorry I’ve been away so long! I actually haven’t gotten anything new lately which, imagine that, means I don’t have anything new to write about. And I have to be 100% honest and say that this is not my first jar of Clean It Zero. But for some reason, this was the one that made me sing, “SO THIS IS LOVE!”

The first time I used this product was well over a year ago, which feels like six aeons ago in my kbeauty journey. As I recall, I was just getting into Sokoglam and this was one of Charlotte Cho’s picks (and probably still is). Still cautious because of my sensitive skin, I went with the sensitive version of this balm and used the jar, and I liked it a lot. I thought it was pretty luxurious. But at $25 a jar, I felt like it was just pricey for makeup removal., so I decided not to buy it again. Once again, this was a lot earlier on the quest to age my skin backwards and attain immortality, so please don’t judge me.

Since that time, I have tweaked my double cleanse step quite a bit. I’ve sworn by CeraVe cleanser and said I would never go without DHC Cleansing Oil. I’ve swapped my Clarasonic out for a konjac sponge. I’ve tried out the much raved over Su:m37 Rose Cleansing Stick and broken out so badly it made me cry. And as I went through all these different methods, I carefully considered what exactly I wanted my this part of my routine to be like, and what I did not want it to be like.

As rich and wonderful as DHC Cleansing Oil is, at some point I thought it would be really nice to have something jus as luxurious that would be a bit easier to keep from dripping down my arms. Maybe a nitpick, but as I was nearing the end of the bottle, I thought carefully about what I might want to try next to fix this problem. And then I remembered — Ah! That Clean It Zero might be just the thing.

While I liked it plenty the first time, this was the time I fell in love. Why was it different the second time around, you ask? That’s a good question. My best answer is that I was less educated about what the product does well the first go round, so while I enjoyed it, I didn’t fully appreciate it. Also, I’m at a point in my kbeauty journey where I am more comfortable spending more on a product if it works very well for me. And this one does.

While a RAVE is my way of fangirling over a product and a review is when I aim to actually give you a comprehensive overview of the product itself and if its worth buying, I will give you the quick and dirty summary of why my love affair with this product has deepened.

-It’s winter. 

My super dry face needs richer products on the whole, but especially during this time of year. Thanks to masks and cleansers like this, I no longer deal with dry patches around my nostrils or near my eyes. YAY! It might be too much for a sweaty July, but for right now its ideal.


When I travel with oil I’m always worried about it dripping no matter how tightly I screw on the cap. Clean It Zero is a solid balm, so it’s not going to drip. Plus it comes with a nice little applicator this fits into a little plastic sheath that fits over the jar’s mouth. This really pleases me both for hygienic reasons and also because I just really enjoy the packaging.


Please excuse the glare in my bathroom.

-Gentle scent.

It smells, but the scent is not over the top at all. I find a lot of k-beauty aimed at younger customers goes for the gentle smell, while stuff for older gals gets really cloying (WHY IS THIS). Clean It Zero isn’t marketed directly at either, but it’s scented like a younger customer’s product, and I like that.

-Travel sizes.

Not only can you get this stuff in a regular size and a huge tub, but it comes in minis as well. I LOVE when companies consider how handy it would be for a gal to take a supply for a weekend trip and make these. Amazon actually has a little kit that comes with all four varieties (more on that in a moment) which I have on hand for an upcoming trip to L.A> in two weeks. Anyone know where to get my kbeauty shop on in L.A., btw?

-A version for all customers.

Clean It Zero is not a one size fits all product, and Banila Co. really impresses me by how much time they took to make sure there was a version that would work for everyone. IN addition tot he classic version that I have above, there’s a sensitive version, as well as two newer kinds called Reservatrol (for oily skin) and Radiance (for dry or aging skin).

Anyway, I’m going to slather my face in it and massage it around to get ready for bed, and I can’t wait. If you feel like some part of your double cleanse just isn’t fitting the bill, it’s well worth a shot. Maybe you’ll want to marry it too, and then we’ll have to duel to the death (but I hope not).

Happy patting, skincare warriors!

Product checklist:

-Banila Clean It Zero Classic 100ml/$$17.60@Amazon
-Banila Clean It Zero Classic 180ml/ (big size)$29.98@Amazon
-Banila Clean It Zero Purity 100ml/$19.27@Amazon
-Banila Clean It Zero Reservatrol 100ml/$19.77@Amazon
-Banila Clean It Zero Radiance 100ml/$18.20@Amazon
-Banila Clean It Zero Travel Kit Set of 4/$17.45@Amazon



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lani says:

    Loved that you’re back! Continuing forward..in the ever fascinating world of Beauty Products. May just need to give this one a try👍🏻


  2. Crickett says:

    I swear on all that is holy that if anyone tries to take my Clean It Zero away from me, I will CUT THEM. Also, I think that if that 4-pack of the different varieties had come with tiny spatulas (spatulae?), I would have died dead from adorableness. Alas, they did not, so I’m either going to have to get creative, or just shove my fingers in there, because one of ’em is coming with me to Mexico.


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