How to Manage a 10 Step Routine on the Go

Having a complex skincare routine is terrific when you have a roomy bathroom. If you’re into bottle porn (and let’s be real, who isn’t), maybe you ever made a little vanity space for your burgeoning collection of Asian skincare potions.

Then, you try to go on a vacation, and you have a problem.

I carry on everything. My luggage has been lost enough that I just prefer to hang onto my stuff. The first time I traveled after starting a more extensive regime, I tried cutting it down to just a few steps. That didn’t work. My skin suffered visibly. The next trip, I went to Michael’s and bought this set of little stackable screw-top jars, which technically worked but was hard to label and a little messy. So on my most recent trip to Los Angeles, I was determined to make sure I had a better solution.

Since k-beauty is big on samples, I save them all in a tin for occasions like this. The pic up top was the routine I curated for my trip. Since California is much drier than Atlanta, I focused on deep moisturizing products to combat that change. Here’s what I brought, in order of use:

-DHC Cleansing Oil
-CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
-Goodal Double Bright Toner
-Goodal Waterest Essence
-Goodal Double Bright Emulsion
-D’Ran Snail Treatment Cream
-Hada Labo Shirojyun Whitening Cream
-Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
-Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask
– A truckload of sheet masks

So how did it work? Well, I’m sad to report I didn’t find it ideal, but that’s simply the result of an experiment. My skin was MUCH drier in Cali and while I envisioned having the time to do a sheet mask every day on vacation, I only managed two days out of five. I wore the Laneige masks as a final occlusive layer on some days, just to try to defeat that dryness. I’m happy to report no breakouts or dry patches, but I just looked DRY in the mirror. That k-beauty glow was gone  😦 I’m in no hurry to go on another trip to dry lands, but when I do I know I need to sheet mask every day and use night creams as day creams, otherwise I’ll turn into a sad little prune.

This experience got me thinking about how your skin type is really not the only thing you need to get to know on a quest for healthier skin. You also have to be aware of how where you live affects it as well. A humid climate is terrific for your skin health, but may also increase oil production if you suffer from that issue. And super dry climate means super dry, sometimes painful skin! All those things should be taken into account as you choose your skincare products.

The days I did manage to find time to do sheet masks, my skin was a lot happier. I think if I lived in California I’d likely be doing one a day. Luckily, the proximity to both Koreatown and Japantown in L.A. meant I was able to also buy a ton of new masks I had never tried before. Small haul of these is pictured below:


The packaging is so good I don’t even want to open them.

I also picked up the Hada Labo Shirojyun Whitening Cream on a whim during a visit to Mitsuwa Marketplace (I would do literally ANYTHING to have one of these near me, btw) since I’ve had such success with the HL Gokujyun Hyaluronic Lotion. If you look top left you’ll notice a box of cotton pads, which I am planning to do the Chizu Saeki lotion mask with (see more about that here).

Coming up very soon: Review of the cream above, as well as a brand new beauty box. Also I will let y’all know how all these masks are. Everything up top is Japanese, and since I have had very little opportunity to try out Japanese masks up to now I’m excited to dive in and see how they are. More coming soon!



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  1. Lani says:

    I am so very glad that you mentioned how big a role location or where you live plays into the ever changing , ever gaming! skin care industry ..In my practice I have discovered the visual and soothing effects of the steaming process..but with warm steams…hydration must definitely be followed …my experience is to travel with a good humidifier …and essential oils to fill the air as we plump out the lines that absolutely do occur in dry climates. You will also see more facial lines in the cabin of aircrafts….I am a huge fan of masking of all types that your skin is happy with…Thank you for such an informative post…do wish to share an old standby..400iu Vitamine E directly from the capsule…has always been a go to for my own personal use when my skin feels pulled and dry from dry weather and heated home or office…snip the top and squish out the oil into
    palm of hand…it’s very thick and not the best of frangrances…but it sure does work…in merciless acrid situations..warm up one of the many face masks that are loaded with moisture for a double kick…but be careful which ones…only the ones who are packing plenty of peels or hyaluronic AHA’s that’s for a different treatment ..keep blogging please CoCoB❤️


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