The Beauty Report 3/9: Cruelty-free is go, Hada Labo masks and more

Hi friends,

It has been a while since I’ve managed one of these weekly updates! Good news is, I have PLENTY to share with you since it’s been so long, so we’ve got that going for us 🙂

You may recall a few months back that I mentioned on here that there were some waves being made in regards to Korean beauty companies going cruelty-free, as this has been a long standing concern in the AB community for those who wish to keep their products off the backs of shaven bunnies. Since then, it seems that the industry is responding.

Missha, for example, which has long been a big old question mark when it comes to animal testing, has added a big old clarification on their website, which you’ll see on the bottom right here.


NICE. We should be seeing more of that as well, thanks to the new law that requires companies to be completely cruelty-free by 2018. This ought to up k-beauty’s appeal even more, as many major U.S. retailers (MAC, for instance) still test on animals. In the meantime, you can also rely on Innisfree, Caolion, Whamisa, Beyond, RE:P, Belif, and Aromatica for cruelty-free products, and I’m guessing many others will soon follow soon.

Speaking of the U.S., they are catching on big time that k-beauty isn’t going away. has especially stepped it up, adding My Beauty Diary masks, the full Laneige line, and Goodal products, to name a few. Ulta also carries Tony Moly and Goodal online, and I’ve spotted Tony Moly masks and Panda Eye Sticks at the counter in retail locations. In short, it’s a lot easier to get our faves than it used to be (although some small part of me grumbles that back in my day, I paid people to import these things for me from Asia. Such an old lady!)

Now, the exciting part of this update: New stuff I’m waiting on! After a long sabbatical I’ve finally ordered a few small hauls. The first I got a few nights ago, which was a four pack of Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyluronic Acid sheet masks. I’m a huge fan of their lotion (more on that here), and I thought these would be just as amazing. Turns out, my hunch was correct.

Forgive the shit bedside lamp lighting, but this is after doing the mask, which gave me a glow and made me feel a little younger (and we ladies pushing 40 just love looking even a hair younger, mind you). I’ll be investing in more soon. I also noted the instructions on the back of the mask advise you wear it 5-15 minutes, which is a tad shorter than the typical Korean mask wear time. Handy if you’re in a hurry.

What else I am waiting on:

-Goodal Phytorain Murumuru Seed Hydra Serum – I could talk about Goodal all day long, every day. I just love the company and what they create. I’ve been happily using the Moisture Barrier line since last year, but I’ve yet to try one of their serums. A friend kindly pointed out that this serum, which normally retails for $34, was on sale via the Memebox app for $15. A steal! Unfortunately that deal has passed, but if you want it, Amazon has it for the same price as Memebox with free Prime shipping. I’ll post a review soon.

-Etude House Real Art No-Wash Cleansing Water – I liked using Son & Park Beauty Water, but I figured cheaper dupes would be coming soon, and I was right. The Etude House version was $12 in the same Memebox sale, and it still is.I’m not into the idea of tossing the double cleanse out the window in favor of this, but like Beauty Water, it’s handy to have after the gym or when you’re exhausted and can’t summon the energy to do more than wipe your makeup off. Also, it contains niacinamide, snail slime filtrate, and adenosine, all ingredients I like a lot. I’ll report back on this as well after I use it a bit. If you’re a penny-pincher like me, you can get it for 50 cents less at Amazon, shipped free.

-Leaders Coconut Gel Mask – I am hearing lots of raves about Leaders products the past few months, but I’ve yet to try any, so this is also on the way. I love the idea of orange masks for Spring! These are $5 at Memebox, and they have quite a few others Leaders masks as well.

-Biore UV Aqua Rich Sunscreen 50 SPF – I hate sunscreen, y’all. It smells bad, and it’s chalky, and ugh bleh yuck. But I hate it a lot less than I hate skin cancer and premature aging, so I wear it. I’ve been on the lookout for options that aren’t quite as gross to me for a while, and since I’ve loved everything Japanese I have tried I decided to give this one a shot. Amazon has it for $9, which I figured is a decent price for an experiment. Plus even if I hate it, I’ll use it up anyway because it’s sunscreen and I need to use it. But I really hope I like it!

-MyScheming Rose Dew Moisturizing Silk Mask pack of 10– These masks spoil me. They’re so thin and wonderful, and soaked with moisture, and just a pleasure to use. My first box was the Sakura Lightening Masks, and I loved them, so I thought why not try them in my fave scent? A box of 10 ships from Amazon for $14.95 with free shipping, and it lasts me a while as I usually only mask a few times a week. If you haven’t tried them, do yourself a favor — they are really lovely.

PHEW. That’s a lot to look forward to! What do you have on order that you’re excited to get?

Glow on,


[Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.]



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Crickett says:

    I had three huge hauls last week or so, which I posted about on IG and possibly FB. Looking for a new essence and hoping that the Hada Labo will be my one true love, since the FTE failed me. (I do still have a bottle of that on backup, since SoKoGlam was offering it for free with a purchase of the MISSHA Night Repair Ampoule.) I’ve been masking like a fool, though, and am thrilled with the result. #somanymasks #solittletime


  2. Sibyl says:

    I thought that Hada Labo still tested on animals, did they officially confirm that they stopped doing that? Thanks!


    1. colettebennett says:

      @sibyl They have not yet. That ought to make it interesting as Korea may no longer export their products after the cruelty-free law passes.


      1. Sibyl says:

        Thank you! 🙂


  3. Barbara says:

    Hi, Missha, innisfree and Biore test on animals. Missha and innisfree don’t test on Korea. But they test on China. The cruelty free bunny cannot be used by a company if they test on China. I will be writing to PETA to let them know. To wrap it up Missha and innisfree STILL test on animals. Just like tonymoly, laneige, skinfood etc.


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