Hey y’all, I put #kbeauty on national news!

As some of you already known, by day when I’m not sheet masking, I write for CNN and its sister network, HLN. I’ve been hassling them to let me write a feature on Korean beauty for some time now, and lucky for me they finally folded and let me do it. (I think seeing NBC do it helped) 😉

I reached out to both Charlotte Cho of Sokoglam and Jude Chao of Fifty Shades of Snail to lend their wisdom on this and I am so glad I did. It reminded me what a kind, thoughtful community we have, and how willing everyone is to share their knowledge so others can learn. I love being a part of it.

Read the full feature here and let me know what you think. It;s for an audience that has no idea what kbeauty is all about, so I hope deeply it can help to show them some of the magic we get to enjoy every day!




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  1. Very cool. I didn’t know you wrote for CNN and HLN, but I’m glad you got this article in. I mean, honestly, K-beauty has been trending so it really is news. –Angela


    1. colettebennett says:

      I think so too! 😀


  2. Ally says:

    This is very random but I can see you’re a fan of Chizu Saeki. What do you use for the ‘lotion’ mask? I’ve tried Hada Labo’s HA Lotion mixed with water and even just plain ol’ rose water that worked well at first but lately started to dry me out. I also like the idea of a mist because my skin is so easy to clog (but also very dehydrated) but haven’t found one that doesn’t smell like a perfume bottle.

    My skin is uber-sensitive which is why I’ve had my reservations about SoKo skincare. I tried it once, before the big K-mania hit in the West, so I ended up using Google-translate and getting my hands on random skincare and all the oil, fragrance and alcohol just ruined my skin.

    Now, I’m a lot more careful so I rely on K-blogs to get my inspiration.

    Oops, this is longer than I originally intended! I really like your blog and will be looking through it (and asking you questions if you don’t mind).


    1. colettebennett says:

      Hi Ally! Sorry I’m late replying to you — for some reason I did not see the comment till now! I’d love any questions you have, I could talk about this stuff all day. For the Hada Labo HA Lotion, I typically use it with cotton sheets I buy imported from Japan via Amazon. Chizi Saeki recommends using a quarter size amount of lotion on a small stack of the cotton squares after dampening them with water (I usually use 5). Then you cover your face in them and wait 3 minutes. She says any longer and the product starts to evaporate! This has given me great results. I’m about to run out of the Hada Labo and I have ordered the Premium version to try next (it’s like the original but way thicker and with several hyaluronic acids in it.) I’ll review when I get!


      1. Ally says:

        Yeah, I posted another question and it disappeared so I thought, maybe it wasn’t fated for us to communicate! ;3

        Yeah, that’s what I use with some rose water when I do my lotion masks but then this stopped working and started drying me out instead! Hmph.

        Either way I’d love to hear your thoughts about the Premium version, as I was looking into buying it as well.


  3. colettebennett says:

    Ok! I will post a review very soon, I’m excited to get it!


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