Review: The Pink Seoul Plus box

If you want a k-beauty box to get you started in the skincare world, there’s no shortage of them these days. It’s caught on that people are all about sampling k-beauty, and everyone’s cashing in trying to offer their own thing. We’ve also reviewed a few, and found them pretty fun on the whole.

Pink Seoul kindly offered to provide one of their Plus boxes for review (for users over 35), and I was excited to get my hands on yet another way to experience k-beauty in a curated, fun way. If you’d like to pick up anything, use the code CHOKCHOKBEAUTY at checkout and you’ll get 10% off your order!

So let’s get a peek inside this delightful package, shall we?

One thing I loved about Pink Seoul’s box is that there were plenty of masks in there. Four, to be exact. As you can see, there’s a nice variety here as well: Two Leaders masks, the Mela-Tox and Amino Moisture Mask, the MediHeal Tea Tree mask, and the SNP Black Pearl Renew Ampoule mask. Over the few weeks I used them all except the Tea Tree, which I did not try since I tend to have negative reactions to tea tree oil in general. While I have used Leaders masks before, these simply reinforced my opinion that are just a solid brand to have on hand when you want to take some mask time.


The box also contained four full-sized items, which I’ll discuss individually here.

Mizon Black Snail All-in-One cream/$45

I really wanted this to be my replacement for Mizon’s holy, sadly discontinued Returning Starfish Cream, which I still dearly miss to this day. Tragically, it was not. It is a very nice cream though, and I can imagine myself loving it had I not met Starfish first. What it does have is a ton of snail mucus filtrate — 90% to be exact — as well as 20+ black plant extracts, adenosine, peptide and vitamins. Yummy stuff. It’s also notable that it’s fragrance-free, so excellent for those who avoid such triggers.

This is certainly an ideal cream for dry skin, but absorbs quickly and efficiently so you don’t have the issue of feeling gloppy after applying. I did not see landmark skin changes after using it for three weeks, but I will say that there are so many moving parts in my current routine that I don’t feel as if it’d be accurate to say that it’s not effective. For me the ingredients speak above all else, and this product is chock-full of excellent ones. It’s definitely a mid-range product by way of price tag, but my opinion is that it’d be a good pick to try out if you are struggling with dry skin and looking to upgrade from a moisturizer in the $20-30 range.

Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel/$14.95

This is a really reasonably priced, really handy item to have in my skincare wardrobe. I would not have bought it myself because I find Benton products usually give me average results (which makes me sad since they are so highly praised). But I am so, so glad I got it. It’s incredibly useful to use after actives, and I find that my skin looks much happier after I’ve used it. I also use it after I’ve been in the sun for a few hours as a way of pampering myself — after all, it’s 80% aloe, the same goodness your mom used to rub on you after a day at the beach (well, my mom did).

The gel itself is transparent with a light, barely sticky texture that dissolves instantly into your skin. Much like the Mizon cream, this is also great for a sensitive skin type — no artificial fragrances or coloring. For some, I think this could actually be used as a moisturizer alone. Since I use a thicker moisturizer typically, I layer it after my serum step and before my moisturizer step, and the results have been really nice. An extra plus is that you can also use this gel on acne by soaking a cotton pad with it and letting it stay on the affected spot for 15-20 minutes. Woo!

Skin Food Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask/$11.95

So this product is a very, very popular one in the beginners k-beauty community, and a staple for those that have been around for a while. If you don’t already know it, it’s a scrub made with thick granules of black sugar that will buff your dead skin away. It also smells absolutely heavenly, and no, I can’t describe it except that if G-Dragon bottled his sweat it might smell like this.

This product was not new to me in this box, but I will share that I don’t use it on my face anymore because it feels a bit too rough to me when I apply it. Mind you, I have super sensitive skin! What I do do with it is use it as a foot scrub, and it really helps a ton. I don’t get frequent pedicures, but I do feel heavenly after I use this stuff on my toes. As I get more into k-beauty I’m starting to think more often about pampering other part of my body than just my face, such and hands, feet and neck. But I’ll save the full story of that for another post!

VerySix Kissing Lip Gloss in Coral/$11.95

As you may know, Korea loves orange makeup. Orange lips, orange cheeks, orange eyes, orange, orange, orange. Peach, actually, is what most of the actual products say on them. But on a caucasian woman with pale ass skin, they are orange. In short, I took this out of the box and I was like oh no, another orange product.

However, this gloss’s texture blew me away so hard I tried it anyway. And it is SO NICE. I learned that it actually contained Royal Jelly, Jojoba Seed Oil, Argan Oil, and Propolis, which is probably why wearing it feels like I’m smooching someone I really want to smooch (ahem, Jungkook). Pink Seoul only carries the coral shade, but there are other shades out there if you venture to Google to look for them. I will definitely be buying more. The staying power was impressive, and while I have to do a very thin layer to get a lighter peachy shade, its worth it just to wear this stuff. If I had to call anything in this box a magical discovery, this by far would be the winner.

Let’s not forget the samples…

The box also had two little goodies inside — a sample of the Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence, and of the Face Shop’s MasCream mask. The latter was one of the most confusing samples I have ever gotten.

I have no fucking idea what you’re doing here, Face Shop.

End take on Pink Seoul’s Plus Box: Pretty happy. It’s a less frequent box than some of the others, coming every two months. But it’s well curated, well stocked, and could easily last you that long if not longer. I got my box a little under a month ago and I still have tons of product left from all the full sizes. It feels a little bit more thoughtful than the monthly boxes, which may sell heavy because of a cheaper price, but also include cheaper products too. You also aren’t getting the exact same box as everyone else, because you’re able to tell Pink Seoul what skin tone and type you have when you order. That’s really amazing to me.

The Plus box is $49.95 for each shipment. There’s also a regular box for those under 35 that’s $39.95, and a mask box that’s $29.95. Pink Seoul also does something that some other box services don’t — you can purchase the full size of anything you try in a box on their site. I don’t understand when this is not offered by businesses as I see it as a gaping flaw in the system. If you try and love, you wanna buy!

That’s it from me today, dear friends. I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know if you decide to sign up and get stuff you love.



[Products in this review were provided by Pink Seoul. All opinions in this review are mine.]



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  1. Crickett says:

    People be talking about how Jolse is Bae. I disagree. PINKSEOUL IS BAE. So many loves.


    1. colettebennett says:

      @ouma I am not sure! Send her an email – -can’t hurt to ask!


  2. punkrockprincess says:

    that faceshop mascream mask is:
    1) adorable
    2) i don’t understand the concept of sheet mask samples
    3) amazing in full-size, i def recommend


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