Review: The MIRApack Hydrogel mask

I’ve been doing sheet masks for years now, and as much as I still believe the majority of the masks out there are more aimed at novelty than true anti-aging effects, I still really enjoy them. I have quite the collection at home, and it’s fun to have a bunch of different kinds to choose from when I’m in the mood to mask (a mask library, if you will).

While I have tried most of the mask options out there, one thing I have never tried is a mask for the neck as well as the face. When I was approached to do a review of MIRApack masks, I jumped at the chance since they were a brand new product to me, because I’m all about investigating. Plus it’s a two step mask, and I am really into those!


The MIRApack mask is made by The Yufit, a small Korean company I was previously unfamiliar with. Founded in 2006, it recently launched the MIRApack. “Mira” means mummy in Korean, so the concept of the mask is to wrap one’s skin like a mummy. When you unwrap it, you will mysteriously be the same age as when you wrapped yourself. Hah!

The lovely package contains five masks. As you can see from the picture on the top of this article the presentation is really classy. The Yufit did a good job with making this product appealing to a skincare shopper.

What’s in it: Bio-duoferm (Lactobacillus & Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate), Lys’lastine V (French patented by BASF), Adenosine, Niacinamide and extracts from 11 natural sources. Like most masks in the wild, it aims to brighten, lift and prevent wrinkles, as well as mega-hydrate the skin.


As you can see, I am wearing the neck mask along with the two piece face mask. This mask fits my face exceptionally well, probably better than any other mask I have used. It’s a perfect fit to my chin line. Two-piece masks are great for fit too since you can adjust them as you wish.

After wearing the MIRApack for 20 minutes, you remove it and use step two, which is a very thick cream. You can see the texture here in my photograph.


Taking off the mask my skin looks nice, and much brighter! But adding this cream really is the finishing blow. It brings a glow out of the skin and leaves it plump and lovely. The before mask pic is on the left, and the after is on the right. My bathroom light is not the best, but you can see a definite glow in the after pic! My undereye circles also appear a bit lighter.

I enjoyed MIRApack and would certainly use it again. One of the things that I did notice using it is that it lessens your mobility a lot more than a typical sheet mask does because of the neck patch. I just end up laying down for 20 minutes and not moving, which is fine, although I prefer to read or watch something when  I mask. Moving around means the neck patch slips and slides, so it’s easier to just stay put.

The only bit of sad news is that MIRApack is not for sale in the U.S. — yet. It’s coming in summer 2016, so as soon as it is released I will post an update so anyone interested can give it a shot. All in all I think two step masks will continue to grow in popularity as they offer something that basic sheet masks simply can’t. They save you an additional step and work together to bring the glowy, healthy skin you’re looking for.

Hope you enjoyed today’s review! Happy masking, my friends.



[Product in this review provided by The Yufit. All opinions are my own.]




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