Review: Memebox’s Nooni’s Pink Snowflake cleansing line

I have insane luck with Korean beauty contests. Literally INSANE. Counting the set above, it’s the 4th time I’ve won an Instagram contest for free shit. I looked at how many other people entered this particular contest, which was held by Memebox, and it was close to a thousand. A THOUSAND. If I had this kind of luck with finances I’d own a condo in Seoul by now.

Anyway, as you may as figured out by now, I won this stuff, and I figured as may as well do a little impressions post on it. I haven’t done a full review in a while (sorry, I’m lazy), but since these aren’t even out on the Memebox store just yet, I thought y’all might like to eyeball them up close.

What I got in my gift set was actually really nice. It included the Snowflake Stick Cleanser, which is basically like this product in stick form, Snowflake Foaming Cleanser (and up went my eyebrow at the word “foam”), the Pure Cleansing Jelly Pad, and the most interesting item of all, the Marshmallow Whip Maker, which promises to froth your cleanser into a creamy delight that you can smear all over your face.

So the reason my eyebrow went up at the mention of foam was because I’m 39 years old, and it’s drummed into my head that cream cleansers are what my skin needs at this age and also that I have to be damn careful what I put on my face that may dry it out. I lived with a severely compromised moisture barrier for so long it’s a wonder my skin wasn’t unhappier before I found k-beauty. So since I work hard to maintain that, I’m pretty leery of changing that routine.

But, it’s new free stuff, and I gotta try it, right? How could I not?

So first, let’s figure out what the pH of this foam cleanser is.


As you can see, this is about a 7.5 on the pH scale, which means it’s a no go for me ( I keep all cleansers at 5.5 or below). What a pity! Hopefully I can gift it to someone else who wants to use it. In other words, my boyfriend.

Luckily, the balm stick is perfectly fine since it’s oil-based. I wouldn’t use it as my primary option because it’s not as rich as Banila Clean It Zero or my other fave, DHC Cleansing Oil. But it’s pretty ideal for travel considering the packaging. The smell is extremely mild, almost non-scented. I’m guessing it would be ideal for a person with oily or combination skin.

You can see the texture on the back of my hand on the right. Not thick or heavy at all, very light in fact.

I’ve requested English ingredient lists from Memebox since receiving these products but so far have not heard back, so I cannot supply ingredient listings just yet. If I hear back I will update the post.

If i was into using high pH cleanser, the set also comes with a cool little gadget that’s oh so skintertainment called the Marshmallow Whip Maker. You add a bit of water with a bit of your foam cleanser, pump it using the stick top, and you get a super lovely texture out of your face wash.

The cup has a handy little measuring line on the back to show you how much water to use when you make your mix.



I’ll hang onto the Whip Maker as it may come in handy for other mixing, but I’m bummed that Memebox didn’t consider a low pH cleansing option in this new line. By now the k-beauty fan culture is pretty aware of what high pH products are doing to our faces, and any well-informed consumer isn’t going to buy them. The line smells nice and feels nice, but overall it’s nothing to write home about, and those pH numbers aren’t going to do a thing to sell it to savvier consumers.

Until next time, my dears,





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  1. Thanks for this post. I’ve been dying to know more about the stick. –Angela

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