Bon Vivant’s Chrome mask craze: Novelty, or the real deal?


I like to think of myself as resistant to what the k-beauty community calls “skintertainment” (also known as products that are all about a gimmick rather than quality ingredients), but I’m kidding myself – I have tried a few. There was that time with the Berrisom lip glosses, for instance, which I never use these days as it’s just too much trouble to wait for them to dry.

When I saw Memebox’s ad for this Bon Vivant mask, I admit I was intrigued based strictly on weirdness. It applied white, but turned Chrome on the face. Beneficial ingredients include Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide, Centella Asiatica, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Diamond Powder, Allantoin, and Pearl. I had little to no experience with any of those ingredients. But at $22, I felt like it was a fun mask to take a chance on, so I went ahead and added it to my latest order.

Last night, I gave the mask a try. First off, you wash your face and then apply it on clean, dry skin. The texture is goopy and needs to be applied quickly. I used a spatula but the next time I use it I will likely use a brush, as it would be better for even spreading of the product (and that’s what the model uses in the video above). It does not come with any sort of applicator.

As promised, the mask had a pearlescent sheen in the jar. My layer was thinner than the one shown in the video above, plus we’re dealing with my shitty bathroom lighting. But you can see that the mask dried rather quickly, which I illustrated here by making a little video of my expressions.

I wore the mask for twenty minutes as the jar prescribed. Since it’s advertised as a peel-off mask, I decided to try that method of removal first. As you can see from the photo below, it does peel off. However, I found peeling the mask off to be painful for my skin, so I ended up using lukewarm water to dissolve it. As I remarked above, I would use a soft facial brush next time so it’s easier to see what I’m doing.


Now, results. When I took the mask off my face felt dry and tight, which to me is a red flag in skincare. However, I did notice one thing that was fairly clear: overall skin texture and tone. The pics below were taken during, immediately after, and the morning after AM skincare routine. I see a brightness that wasn’t there yesterday. To be wholly transparent, I am also using Curology at this time and have seen brightness and even tone with that as well, so this result may be compounded.

I’m genuinely and pleasantly surprised that I got these sort of results from a gimmicky product, but it absolutely shows in my opinion. The redness I typically get on my nose and cheeks also seems to be much lesser than usual, so I will be using this weekly from now on. It also made me take notice of Bon Vivant, a company I knew nothing about before. I absolutely recommend the product, but if you have sensitive skin just follow up with an extra moisturizing product or two in your routine afterwards to balance it out.

I tend to stick to sheet masks, but this experience reminded me it’s good to branch out. Let me know if you have any favorite masks you’d like to share in the comments. Thanks for reading, and until next time, be good to your skin!

Bon Vivant Original Chrome Mask Peel-Off Type/ $22 @ Memebox



[Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.]


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  1. Impressive brightening. I expected another gimmicky product.


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