It’s time for my 2018 summer skincare routine!

Ah, summer. It’s a blissful time for many that love sparkling beaches, new bikinis and playing games in the sand. Out of those things, I hate two out of three. I love the sea, but soaking up the sun is basically my version of garlic to a vampire. Stay away from my skin, sun! I don’t want to age any faster than I already am!

That said, I may have donned a big hat and hit the beach once already this year. Thanks to a gallon of sunscreen and a large umbrella. And as the seasons have changed, I’ve been slowly tweaking my skincare routine to reflect what my skin’s needs are.


Here’s a pic showing the routine I’ve started to use over the last few weeks. The focus is on changing over from dense creams and toners to thinner, lighter products. Just because they’re thinner doesn’t mean they can’t do the job! Luckily once you start to build a skincare library, you can easily pick and choose from what you have and figure out a routine that suits the season.

Here are my current products in my routine!

Cleanser (daily): I’ve swapped out my usual DHC oil cleanser for Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Cleansing foam, which creates a luxurious foam when used but still rinses clean and light. The tube is significantly more expensive than most cleansers on the market ($32 on Amazon) but is worth the spend thanks to its incredible scent and low pH.

Exfoliator (2 x week): I’m trying out Mario Badescu’s Botanical Exfoliating Scrub for this step, which smells nice but is a little bit grittier than I’d like for my sensitive skin. I don’t think normal/oily skin types would even notice the difference, but I find I still prefer Korean peeling gels to this product. Until I find another one I like, I’ll keep using this one.

Toner: (daily): I’m really enjoying the Banila VV Vitalizing Toner, which BeautyTap was kind enough to provide for me for a review of the line I did for The Daily Dot. Not only is the bottle large and therefore will last a good while, but the consistency of the product is perfect for any season. It absorbs quickly and leaves me feeling visibly moisturized.

Retinol (2 x week): Since I turned 41 last week, I thought it was likely time to give retinol a spin. I’d heard good things from other friends, and I didn’t find my previous AHA routine made a significant difference (likely the percentage was too low). For this step I decided to try out The Ordinary 0.2% Retinoid in Squalane. I apply this at night a few times a week right after my toner step. I’ll report back after I’ve tested this for a few months to talk more about results.

Essence (daily): Missha’s Time Revolution First Treatment Essence is too light for my tastes for fall and winter, but its the ideal weight for spring and summer, which is why I’ve rotated it back into my routine. Missha provided this tester for me to use, and ever since the weather has warmed up it’s gotten a lot more action in my routine. Ideal for all skin types!

Ampoule (daily): I don’t always have an ampoule in my routine as I typically use Hada Labo’s Premium Gokujyun line here, but it’s simply too thick for hot weather.  I’m giving Swanicoco’s Triple V Ampoule a shot in its place, which was also provided by Beautytap. So far I’m really enjoying the product, which is lightweight and absorbs quickly. Packed with both Vitamin C and E, it improves wrinkles and brightens skin tone.

Serum(daily): I really haven’t been in love with any of the serums I have tried lately, but the Revital Oil Shaker from Earth’s Recipe may be the one to change that. It’s my first time trying out this line, which has a lovely mild scent that will win over fans of hanbang fragrances. It also has Niacinamide and yeast ferment, so it’s no surprise that I see results right after I apply. I’ll be interested to try out more of the line after this.

Eye cream (daily): I’ll start by saying that I am very lucky to not have undereye bags/wrinkles yet, so eye cream doesn’t usually give me big results. I use it on faith, knowing that the skin around the eyes is delicate and in desperate need of moisture. I’m trying out the Eclado Cell Phyto Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream, which is the only product in my routine that is still fairly dense. Since so little goes on, I don’t mind it. It’s the most expensive eye cream I have ever used ($117), so I’m interested to see if the results are any different than my usual eye creams.

Moisturizer (daily): Another Earth’s Recipe product in this step! The Moisture Bound cream is what I’m using, and a little bit goes a long way. I’m still undecided if it’s too heavy for the final step – my skin looks great but seems to take a long time to absorb this, so unless you’re just hanging out at home I’d advise something that dries more quickly so you can get out the door. That said, it’s a luscious product and one I’m really glad to have in my arsenal.

I didn’t list my sunscreens and mists here because they vary depending on the day, but I use Biore UV Watery Essence and A’Pieu Pure Block Natural Sun Cream. For mists, I really like the COSRX Low pH Barrier Mist and the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. I’m not convinced facial mists do a dang thing except make me feel cooler, but I like that effect, so I keep a small bottle in my makeup bag during summer months so I can cool myself off anytime.

The results!

Hope you enjoyed reading my summer skincare routine – please let me know what you’re using and loving in the comments below! Until next time…






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  1. Lani Bennett says:

    Good Afternoon 🌞,
    Just so happens that I am emerged in my May issue of Dermascope Magazine! I try and stay absolutely updated for my Esthetics Industry.What a pleasure to learn of the many products you test and use Bebe.As for myself, the skin care shelf in my bathroom is almost empty! I am studying what new products I will reshelf with ..I will be back to post results! As of today I’m down to Jan Marini Research AHA Antioxidant Skin cleanser ( cream), BioClear face lotion ( Glycolic/Hyaluronate acid) and as a moisturizer..Transformation Face Cream by JMSC and of course plenty plenty Antioxidant Daily Face Protector..I use my UVA/UVB all over my face behind my ears and on my ears plus all of my chest ( décolleté and on top of my hand. It will do wonders to prevent sun damage,wrinkling and keeping collagen network tighter…longer.


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